Ok this is ridiculous!! I really need to get back on track with this blog. I first started writing this blog to keep myself and others motivated and I haven't done that, so I apologize for that!!

So..... I've been discouraged as far as workouts and the diet and everything else in life!! But my trainer kinda yelled at me (nicely) for me to get back on track and to not let my demons hunt me anymore. And so I have been giving my best at the workouts, I can't say the same as far as the diet goes.

I did lose 3 lbs two weeks ago and that got me motivated again, BUT I am not following my diet plan 100%. I've been slacking off on weekends and have been eating junk food here and there, but after sunday I made another commitment to myself that I am more than halfway there and I CAN'T give up! So here I am again on the road of losing 60 lbs, 38 lbs are gone and I am down to 162 lbs. I've never never ever been this light so it is pretty exciting, so I should remind myself that it is ok to take small breaks but probably not a good idea to eat junk food for 4 meals on the weekend.

This weekend my trainer asked me to send him a before/after picture and when I saw them side by side I was shocked!!!! I look soooooo much better now physically, and feel better about myself mentally.

I did slack off again this weekend I guess because I felt great about myself. But today I have decided that it is better to just get this diet over with, so when I reach my goal I can go ahead and allow myself to have a little junk food here and there without feeling like I'm cheating myself. I do understand now that my eating lifestyle will be totally different but having a nice and healthy body comes with its consequences. And NO I will NEVER let myself be heavy again! So I gotta do what I gotta do to maintain my new body.

Here's the picture of my before and after, Well it's more like a before and during because I will continue to lose a little more weight until I reach my goal =)

After a week, I'm back!!! 

I just didn't feel motivated enough to blog, and today was the weight in day and once again I have only lost 1 pound... So I have no clue what is going on, because I am following the diet strictly and am excersising 5 days a week so who knows?? I think I have hit the famous plateau. I now have 24 pounds to go which doesn't sound too bad after I already lost 36, but it's making me disappointed and discouraged. 

What if I keep losing 1 pounds per week? It's gonna take FOREVER for me to reach my goal!! ughh this sucks! 

But I'm not giving up, not just yet, I am halfway there and will continue to try my best no matter what and no matter how long it will take! I've been overweight for probably more than 15 years so what's a few months gonna do? 

Guys if you ever feel like giving up DON'T DO IT! Yes I am very disappointed because once again I am not doing so great with the scale, but I try to keep in mind that I was a size 16 and am now a size 13 and went from wearing xlarge tops to mediums \o/ so I will work extra hard the following week and hope for the best!

I am very disappointed! I only lost 1 lb. and I feel like I worked so hard this week. (I cheated on the abs workout this week but still!!!) I even started running 2 days ago, which I will be doing so 3x a week and as I get stronger I will try running every day, to make it part of my life. But it is getting harder and harder to get rid of the last pounds, and if I lose 1 lb per week for my last 25 lbs it's gonna take FOREVER!!!! But oh well, I'm not giving up yet I guess I will keep doing my thing and hopefully will reach my goal soon! 

The good news is that last time I tried running, which was about 4 months ago, I could only run 2 blocks non-stop and felt like I was having an asthma attack (no I don't have asthma, but I had a lot of trouble breathing) and NOW the first day I tried running, I ran 8 blocks non-stop, and the second time I was able to run 11 blocks non-stop, so I am very excited about that and I actually enjoyed running =) Well it's more like jogging but I still feel like I've accomplished something huge! And the breathing is not as bad but I sound like a horse when I'm running (I gotta work on my breathing and running skills) 

Another great thing that happened this week is that I finally cleaned out my closet!! Most of the clothes on the bed are too big \o/ so I will be donating them. The ones on the floor just look too worn out to be donated so I will be throwing them away. I can't wait to lose the last 25 lbs so I can go shopping for my new body =) 

You spend all those months on a diet, your precious time working out and when you finally reach your goal you realize that you look great, but what about the saggy skin??

Yesterday I was looking at the mirror after taking a shower to see the differences I see so far after I have lost about 34 lbs. I noticed that in some areas of my body like my arm, inner thighs, and my lower abdomen seems to have extra skin that should't be there?!!

Would it go away after working out for a long time or will I be a 140 lbs girl with saggy skin for the rest of my life, leaving no choice but to get plastic surgery?? I am a little freaked out thinking about these things, but one thing I'll know for sure is that I will be healthier.

I did a few researches over this topic and I learned that the skin will go back faster depending on the age of the person, and if you are also exercising as well as having a good balanced diet. I'm still freaked out by the thought of having lose skin after dreaming and working my butt off to have the perfect body.  My trainer did say that it will go back with time but I'm still freaked out..

I guess I will only be able to tell in a few more months after I reach my goal.

It took me a little while to write the friday weigh in(I know it's sunday), I had so many things to get done over this weekend that I barely had time for the internet. =( 

The OK news is that I lost 1 lb last week, which is ok because I did cheat last weekend. So now I am down to 167 lbs \o/ But next week I am done playing around, every week that I cheat for one day it sets me back and it takes longer to reach my goal. So this coming week no more playing around!

I did eat Sushi on saturday night BUT I asked my trainer, and even though he didn't respond, I'm pretty sure that was a yes! =) 

Today I went hiking with a friend to burn some of the yummy sushi I had last night, and it was great being outside and we got up to the top with lots of breathtaking views. (I posted pictures here) The sun was too hot though so we weren't able to get to the top top but it was still a great walk. 

I should be getting my new diet either tonight or tomorrow, so when I do I will post it. I hope everyone is having a great labor day weekend =)

I just wrote a huge post and my computer turned off and didn't save anything =( so I will try to write it again in a smaller version!

On the 30th of each month I decided to write down my weight and measurements so I can check with the previous month to see how my weight loss is doing. I actually have some good news =)

I will also be posting a before and after picture so I can be reminded that my hard work is paying off!

Here is my weight loss and measurements loss from July 30th through August 30th:

               July 30th            Aug 30th

Neck:       12in                   11½in
Bust:        36½in                 36in
Waist:      32½in                 31½in
Belly:       40½in                40in
Hips:        44½in                43in
Thigh:      27in                   26in
Calf:         15½in                15in
Arm:         15in                   14in
Weight loss: 9 lbs.

Tomorrow is the weekly weigh in so wish me luck! 

 This lasagna sure looks good but no I'm not allowed to eat it!!

So the last couple of days has been very tough! I crashed my car and I had to deal with all the stress that comes with it, and when you are going through tough things, who wants to think about dieting?? NOT ME. So last sunday I ended up eating lasagna and strawberry cake, plus some Brazilian chocolate. At the time I was eating it tasted great but afterwards I had that guilt of "shit I won't lose any weight this week" which means I am farther away from my goal.

Oh and I also forgot to mention that I ate a whole chocolate bar all by myself.

And on monday night I went to church and they had this great dinner and since I hadn't eaten my dinner I thought I'd eat just a little bit but ended up eating things that I probably shouldn't have. So I pretty much had 2 days of bad eating but you know what? I am only a human being and sometimes it's ok to fall off track but always remember to get right back on track the next day!

To me that means I probably won't lose anything this week but I will only find out for sure on friday. Hopefully next week things will get back on track and I will do my best to lose the weight! I am at 168 lbs and want to be around 140ish.. I have lost a total of 32 lbs and still have a long way to go so I need to refocus and do everything I can do reach my goal.

So here's a little of whats been going on in my life. I hope you guys have a good night =)